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Hi everyone, my name is Geoff and I have been a beekeeper for the last 5 years. Geoff

baby bobby beeAnd this is my mate bobby bee, who helps me to write this blog but generally gets in the way as you will see on your journey through my website.


I decided to start this blog ‘Beekeeping for Beginners’ as when I started I did quite a bit of research for my own knowledge and quickly realized that there was no single place where you could go for it.

This is my Story

Many years ago when I was at school, part of the curriculum was gardening that  included beekeeping and it was then that my interest and fascination with the world of bees was born.   However, after leaving school and venturing out into the big wide world, it lay dormant for a good few years until the company I was then working for decided to start a beekeeping group as part of its corporate ‘green’ image.  It was then that my interest was re-kindled!

baby bobby bee

A seasoned beekeeper was contacted to instruct and put the group on the right track who taught his particular ‘brand’ of beekeeping.  I will just say at this point, that if you put 10 beekeepers in the same room together and ask them all the same question you will get 10 different crowd of beekeepersanswers.  So when I say ‘brand’ it will be that keepers own knowledge that you are getting which will be factual, tempered with experience. You may say that the content of this blog is my own brand of beekeeping!

Anyway, before I digress too much, the beekeeping group was given a helping hand.   At times though, the ‘hand’, was not always there and we were left floundering for a while until the ‘hand’ replied to our email, which could take several days.

It was then that I decided to do my own research on the internet and started gathering data, first on the questions that the group needed answering when we were inspecting the hives and then, questions that someone would just ask ‘how many bees are in the hive’? (you will get the answer to this one later).

baby bobby bee

While I was doing this one thing stood out and that there was no one site covering all the information that a rooky beekeeper would need,

baby bobby bee

Having gathered all this information I decided to write a blog on the company’s website so that anyone could find the relevant information they were seeking or know who to ask for it.  Unfortunately, soon after having completed the initial site content I was made redundant and in the ensuing chaos I left all my information behind.

baby bobby bee

I am now retired but don’t kid yourself that I have a lot of time on my hands, as I don’t, its just that I have different priorities now and the main one is to my ladies (affectionate term for bees, the why comes later).

lovely honeybees

I have now decided that the time is right to put my knowledge and experience into a blog, not only for my own enjoyment but hopefully to be useful to the next generation of beekeepers.

Having looked at the information if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me using the email address below.

baby bobby bee

Thanks for stopping by my site and I hope that you will find it informative as well as useful and wish you luck for your own future in beekeeping. :)


Geoff …………….  and bobby of course baby bobby bee

Founder of Beekeeping for Beginners
email. geoff@besthoneybees.com



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